Teaching the present and past tenses

Methodology for teaching the present and past tenses in English.

I invite you on a journey of discovery where you'll find a slightly different way of looking at the tenses.

This will help you no end when you teach your students the tenses.

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Course content


Welcome to a novel way of teaching the English tenses. In this particular case the present and past tenses.

This course will teach you the methodology and give you the tools for explaining the tenses to your students.

Once you have done this course you will be able to drastically reduce your preparation time for lessons. The course gives you simple tools that you will be able to use again and again.

Your students will love your engaging and fun lessons where they can participate in the discovery of how the English tense system works.

This first course is the basis for teaching all the tenses in English including the use of the future, the conditionals, and using the modals. Later I will be offering courses for these different subjects but they will all be based on this first course.

What you'll learn

  • How the English language describes space

  • How the English language describes time

  • How to explain the structure of the tenses using a simple diagram

  • Easy ways to explain the difference beteen the past simple and present perfect

  • Easy ways to explain the difference between the present perfect simple and the present perfect continuous

  • Easy ways to explain the difference between the past continuous and the present perfect continuous

  • How to use all the past tenses to tell a story

  • And much more


There are no special requirements for the course. You can be a native speaker or a non-native English teacher. You can have done a TEFL course or not done any 'teaching English as a foreign language' course. This course does not replace but rather complements any course you might take or you might have taken.


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